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Steve Hall

Steve Hall is the founder of Revive Stronger. The name was inspired by a life changing head injury Steve suffered whilst at University. After which Steve fell in love with bodybuilding as it allowed him to build up not only his physique but also confidence. Effectively he ‘Revived Stronger’ and in doing so developed a huge passion to help others do the same.

Now a competitive natural bodybuilder with his best performance to date being a top 5 placing in the UKDFBA international finals in 2017. In addition with over 10 years in the gym and more than 5 years coaching experience he uses this in combination with the latest science to drive results.

Outside of training, coaching and content production Steve enjoys nothing better than sitting down with a Domino’s his girlfriend Charlotte and watching some trash TV (with blue light blockers on, of course).


Pascal Flor

Pascal likes riding his bike, eating sushi, watching TV Shows.
Formerly a competitive powerlifter, Pascal is now fully into Natural Bodybuilding.

Pascal actually played in a band for 8 years but slowly shifted his passion away from music to lifting and is aiming for getting a PhD done in the future with currently studying “life sciences”

He loves to learn new things and dislikes those who are closed minded. Pascal loves nothing more than to help people get past ‘sticking points’ with their training/physique.

Chief science officer

Miguel Blacutt

Miguel is an athlete, academic and coach with a burning passion for science and fitness. He is studying Nutritional Biochemistry at McGill University, Canada, and has the goal of obtaining a Ph.D. in Exercise Science. Miguel’s purpose for obtaining an extensive education is to become the best coach possible and to contribute to the academic field by performing research on strength and physique athletes.

Miguel has worked with some of the top names in the industry. He is the research assistant for Jeff Nippard and Stephanie Buttermore. Miguel has written for Alan Aragon’s Research Review, as well as for Dr. Layne Norton. He is also an intern at Bayesian Bodybuilding for Menno Henselmans.


Ryan Solomon

Ryan is currently studying to earn his Master’s degree in Exercise Science at the University of Northern Iowa and holds a Bachelor’s in Exercise and Movement Science. He was more or less forced into this lifting weights stuff for sports in High School, and then it developed into something he couldn’t imagine his life without. Being consistent in the gym, changing his physique, becoming stronger, all of these things trickled into every area of his life, completely changing it for the better.

This is what he wants to help people do for themselves. Not only change the way they look through lifting weights but, as corny as it may sound, help them change their entire life for the better.

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