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For the next 70 days you’ll get access to everything regarding the Mini Cut Movement. You’ll receive your own fully automatically functioning spreadsheet, in which you can choose between 6 different templates (male/female). Furthermore you’ll be getting over 30 videos to help you each week and that will ensure you get the most out of the mini cut and help you along the way. Additionally to that you’ll be granted access to our exclusive Revive Stronger membersite, where you’ll be able to watch over hundreds of hours worth of educational & entertaining content. You’ll become part of a thriving community so that if you’re stuck or need help you can immediately get the support. 

  • An automatically adjusting spreadsheet
  • 6 different templates to choose from (male/female)
  • A tonne of informative videos to help you through the McM
  • Access to Membersite
  • Facebook-Group
  • …and much more!

Mini Cut Movement

£119 £ 99 One off
  • Automatically updating spreadsheet
  • Access to Community
  • Membersite Access
  • 6 different training templates (male/female)
  • Exercise library
  • A tonne of informative videos to help you through the McM
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • ...and much more!
Early Access price

*Note, there are no cohorts or specific start dates, once you’re signed up you will have 1 week to get set up & some educational resources to look over before the 6 week mini cut begins. Please keep that in mind when planning on joining the McM!

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