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“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” 

We often get asked about books, podcasts, youtubers (all that kind of stuff) we generally recommend. Because we felt that there’s a need for somewhat of a library, we created this platform for you guys.

Bookmark this, share it around whenever you get asked and perhaps you’ll discover something new for yourself as well.

We want to keep this site up to date with great resources people should check out. So, if you feel like something’s missing, feel free to make suggestions too!



One of The research reviews for strength and physique athletes, coaches or people who want to stay up to date with the latest research in sports & nutritional sciences.

  • In-depth, unbiased review. 
  • Important takeaways for strength athletes and coaches. 
  • Explanation of how the study fits into broader scientific literature on the topic. 
  • Bulleted key points, applications, and takeaways. 
  • Tips for interpreting research on your own. 
  • Additional resources for subscribers who want to go more in depth. 

Muscle & Strength Pyramids

In my opinion, the first choice of books to purchase if you want to learn about training, nutrition and taking your education to the next level!


Renaissance Periodization

The team behind Nick Shaw produced tons of fantastic E-Books for strength & physique athletes. Just to name a few:

  • The Renaissance Diet
  • How much should I train?
  • Understand Healthy Eating
  • Scientific Principles of Strength Training
  • Recovering From Training
  • Renaissance Woman

We highly recommend any of the named books to push your own training or take your knowledge to the next level!



JPS Education

Our mission is to provide coaches a truly evidence-based online mentorship course that bridges the gap between the science and the real world. This is why we have enlisted experts and industry leaders from a variety of different fields and backgrounds to contribute to the course curriculum. We want to give coaches not just the best available science and information in fitness education, but present it in a way that makes it easily applied to your clients to get world class results. The course includes foundational knowledge that all coaches must possess, as well as in depth details and advanced information that will allow you to stand out amongst the pack. It is our goal to help you achieve excellence within the fitness industry and take your passion for fitness and turn it into a sustainable and lucrative career.

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