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London Seminar 22

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We have the Full ROM crew of Renaissance Periodization with us, Mike Israetel, Jared Feather & Charly Joung. Mike is without a doubt one of the foremost experts on all things muscle growth and arguably the best at putting difficult-to-understand concepts into easy and practical takehomes. If you want rational thinking and methods Jared is your man, also an unbelievable bodybuilder. And Charly Joung is quickly making his stake as a standout bodybuilder after transitioning from competitive powerlifting with a mindset of a champion. Furthermore, both Steve and Pascal with over a decade of experience combined coaching hundreds of physique athletes 1-1 will present as well for you!

In all honesty, a single sentence does none of these guys justice by any means, it undersells each of them on every level. You simply have to check out some of their content (all of which have been on our podcast) to realise how much they know and how well they’re able to communicate this knowledge. 

Every coach and trainee who is serious about taking their own and clients physiques to their ultimate best will need to watch this seminar!

  • Charly Joung – Diet and Training Psychology for Bodybuilding
  • Steve Hall – Making A Gourmet Physique From Basic Ingredients
  • Pascal Flor – Make Dieting Easy
  • Jared Feather – Physique Sport Needs Analysis and Annual Plan
  • Mike Israetel – How Ultra Technique Focus and Go Too Far
  • Q&A

This is only slightly describing what you’ll find in the video footage. By the end of this seminar, you’ll have taken your knowledge to the next level. No matter if it’s general development and education, to improve your coaching skills or for your own progress, you’ll have all the skills and tools to step up your game. From the understanding of gut health on performance, optimizing your recovery for the best progress and getting the latest findings on hypertrophy, this footage will be worth every minute.

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