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The Ultimate Contest Prep Seminar Replay is your start to finish guide to competing in a physique sport. Bikini, men’s physique, bodybuilding…we have you covered. In fact, it’s more than that, it covers the necessary steps to start and those that would ideally be taken after too. The aim of the seminar is to leave no stone left unturned, to give you the complete guide to competing.

If you’re a coach, a competitor or even looking to step on stage in future this is going to be an absolute must to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward when competing. We have 4 main presentations.

  • Lyndon Purcell will be taking you through the physiological realities of going through a contest prep, to make sure you’re well prepared.
  • Pascal Flor will then go over how to plan for your shows, giving you the steps to take when considering your training/nutritional setup and periodisation.
  • Jacob Schepis will then go over one of the hardest phases of contest prep the ‘digging phase’ where the last few lbs of fat need to be removed.
  • Finally, Steve Hall will take you through the art of peaking for your show and importantly how to transition into your offseason.

Together with both the seminar footage and the ebook, no contest prep will stand a chance. This is the ultimate bundle. Both the Contest Prep ebook and the seminar around Contest Prep (release of the ebook) which we’ve done together with the JPS guys on the 14th of July.

As you can see, we have you from start to finish and more. So don’t miss out and pick up your copy today!

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