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Fine-tuning Protein Amino Acid Supplementation – Cody Haun

Fine-tuning Protein Amino Acid Supplementation – Cody Haun

How to fine-tune your amino acid supplementation. BCAA’s, EAA’s, whey, casein…there are a lot of protein products however, which ones are worth it? What should you consider?
This presentation will teach you everything you need to know about protein, supplements and understanding the mechanisms behind it in order to make a reasonable decision moving forward.

In this presentation Cody is covering the following:

  • What is protein
  • Amino Acid Profiles
  • What supplements are there and which ones are useful
  • What does the science say
  • Physiological processes of protein
  • Practical takeaways
  • …and much more


Cody started as a highly successful personal trainer but desired more knowledge. So he went down the route of further education which eventually led to a PhD in Exercise Physiology. He is now a coach and a researcher and we will be touching on his experience with both of these today. Cody wants to bridge the gap between scientific research and practical application to bring efficient results.

Check out our podcast in order to learn more about Cody.

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