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Genetic Testing – Brandon Roberts

Genetic Testing – Brandon Roberts


Genetic testing sounds like a really compelling idea, does it hold up to what the science has to say though? Brandon analysis the current scientific evidence and further goes into genetics. This is what Brandon covers in today’s presentation.

In this presentation Brandon is covering the following:

  • Genetics background
  • What does the genetic code do
  • How do we identify differences
  • Who tests and what is being done
  • Busting the myths
  • Practical takeaways
  • …and much more

Dr Brandon Roberts is a man of science who is also deeply involved in the field himself. With a PhD in Muscle Biology, a notorious fitness writer for well-established reviews/websites, a coach for the Strength Guys and a competitive Natural Bodybuilder. This gives Brandon unique perspectives and the ability to have a full view of what’s going on in the lab vs. the gym.

Check out our podcast in order to learn more about Brandon.

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