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Get Big, Stay Lean

Get Big, Stay Lean

  • A diet plan that will prime your body to gain muscle, plus it’s enjoyable, non-restrictive & so you will stick to it for long-term muscle growth.
  • A training plan that is customisable to you, based on research that has seen people get double the results when compared to traditional approaches.
  • A supplement guide that provides you with natural tools you can use to optimise your muscular potential.
  • Over 80 pages of Knowledge that is backed by Science, so you know it’s guaranteed to work.

Original price was: £50.00.Current price is: £15.99.

My mission is to provide results and educate, this is a comprehensive guide to gaining muscle, so you will get big, stay lean and know why.

Nutrition and training are key when it comes to gaining muscle mass. However, often missed are areas such as mindset, sleep and tracking your progress. Do you know how long you should sleep for? Do you get frustrated with your results and wish you had a way around this? Do you wonder whether you should stop gaining and cut back some fat? All of these questions and more are covered in this book.

I have written this book because too many people are either spinning their wheels in an attempt to stay lean while getting bigger, or they’re adding needless fat to their physique. Neither of these situations are any good and to be honest I find it frustrating to see, as I have been there myself. I did the traditional ‘Eat Big to Get Big’ protocol and I have stagnated for far too long in an attempt to stay lean. I wrote this book to help prevent either situation arising and allowing people to Get Big and Stay Lean.

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