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Should You Eat Less On Rest Days? – Steve Hall

Should You Eat Less On Rest Days? – Steve Hall

A common question is if you should eat less on rest days. But should you? That’s what Steve will address in today’s presentation

In this presentation Steve is covering the following:

  • Goal of rest days
  • Role of nutrition on rest days
  • Carb/calorie manipulation
  • Calories burned
  • Practical takeaways
  • …and much more


Steve Hall is the founder of Revive Stronger. The name was inspired by a life-changing head injury Steve suffered whilst at University. After which Steve fell in love with bodybuilding as it allowed him to build up not only his physique but also confidence. Effectively he ‘Revived Stronger’ and in doing so developed a huge passion to help others do the same. Now a competitive natural bodybuilder with over 10 years in the gym and more than 5 years of coaching experience, he uses this in combination with the latest science to drive results.

Check out our podcast in order to learn more about Steve.

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