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Show Day Run Up – Jess Terrier

Show Day Run Up – Jess Terrier


You’re about to step on a bodybuilding stage but you don’t know what to expect and what to do leading up to the shows? This presentation is for you! It will set you up so that you’re fully prepared for when show day comes and will get you ready in order to have the best time as an athlete.

In this presentation Jess is covering the following:

  • What to consider
  • Skin prep & tan
  • Posing routine
  • Bodybuilding garment
  • Schedule
  • Practical takeaways
  • …and much more

Jess joined Revive Stronger as an intern in 2019 and became a full-time coach in 2020. A competitive natural bikini athlete herself, Jess also has a score of other passions outside of fitness including books, Stoicism (philosophy in general), psychology and travelling. Jess has a love for helping others improve themselves—both physically and mentally—and seeks to guide clients toward their goals while making the path as seamless and smooth as possible.

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