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What Supplements Are Actually Worth Taking and Why – Harry Smith

What Supplements Are Actually Worth Taking and Why – Harry Smith

There must be something magical about supplements, right? Your favourite athlete promotes it so there must be something to it. What supplements are really worth it and may be beneficial to take is exactly what Harry covers in today’s presentation.

In this presentation Harry is covering the following:

  • What supplements to consider
  • Mechanisms of supplements
  • Why you want to consider supplements
  • Health benefits
  • Application to bodybuilding
  • Practical takeaways
  • …and much more


Harry lives his life by a mantra: “Honesty, always. Better, together. Science matters, and so do you. No detail is too small.“ From fat kid, to skateboarder, to avid gamer / Netflix connoisseur before settling on Natural Bodybuilding. Harry has always had a deep appreciation for the Golden Era physiques of old. Wanting to replicate these physiques is what led Harry on a journey of discovery through just about every internet forum, qualification, course and publication out there related to muscle growth, Finally leading him to the coach he is today. Harry loves nothing more than having his opinion challenged and changed through an intense debate. The nittier and grittier, the better. Want to get in his good books? Make sure your critical thinking skills are up to scratch.

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