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developed from working with over 1000 clients.

Contest prep can be a mysterious, confusing and often difficult process if you are uninformed and underprepared.

That’s why we created the Ultimate Guide To Contest Prep Ebook.

We know all too well the frustrations that athletes and coaches have when trying to understand how to optimise diet, training and psychology in contest preparation – regardless of division or level of the athlete.

"Loads of information for all levels of experience."

In our 170+ page ebook, we take you from start to finish through the contest preparation phases of a bodybuilding journey, laying out step by step how to navigate towards your best ever physique on stage.

Whether you are a first-time competitor or seasoned veteran, we guarantee that you will obtain more from this ebook than you could imagine. No stone is left unturned as we share our knowledge, experiences and understanding of the arduous and challenging process of getting shredded and reaching your potential on stage.

About Us

Jacob Schepis

Lead Author

Jacob Schepis is the Director of one of Australia’s leading personal training facilities and education providers, JPS Health and Fitness. Jacob is a national level bodybuidler & powerlifter with over 10 years of in the trenches experience coaching athletes at elite levels in both disciplines.
With a keen interest in science, he aims to bridge the gap between the realms of sports and nutritional sciences and the real world.

Lyndon Purcell

Lead Author

Lyndon Purcell is the Coach & Education Manager at JPS Health and Fitness; he also has a Bachelors of Exercise & Sport Science and is currently completing his Masters of High Performance Sport at the University of Canberra.
When he is not assisting the JPS coaches, Lyndon also coaches a variety of athletes and general population clients, as well as creates and presents educational content for other coaches and fitness-enthusiasts within the industry.

Steve Hall

Lead Author

Steve Hall is the founder of Revive Stronger, a competitive natural bodybuilder and physique coach who has worked with hundreds of clients.
He and the Revive Stronger team dedicate so much work into spreading high-quality information from academics with lots of practical experience.

Pascal Flor

Editor & Design

Pascal Flor is a head coach and co-owner of Revive Stronger a competitive bodybuilder and has paved his way to becoming one of the leading physique coaches in the natural bodybuilding community.
Pascal is also the head of digital and graphic design at Revive Stronger his talents in this domain were central to bringing this book to life

From the pre-contest prep stages, making important decisions and adjustments to diet, training and cardio in the digging phase as well as optimal peaking strategies for various divisions, rest assured, this ebook details every facet of the bodybuilders journey towards a show. Our mission is to equip athletes and coaches with every ounce of information necessary and the tools needed to not only get the job done but to master the contest prep phase.

But we didn't stop there.

This ebook also outlines the all-important post competition phase and provides detailed sections on how athletes can best manage the post-competition blues and minimise weight rebound to effectively transition back to normalcy and enter a productive and fruitful offseason!

Download your copy today to unlock your or your athletes show day potential!



Most frequent questions and answers

This book will help you:
  • Understand the sport of bodybuilding as well as the requisite consequences and trade-offs of contest preparation
  • Develop a framework to plan your contest preparation from start to finish
  • Set up and optimise diet and training in various phases of the contest prep
  • Navigate the physical and psychological challenges associated with extreme dieting and the resultant pressures
  • Avoid the common mistakes many athletes make during a contest prep
  • Implement pragmatic strategies to help maximize adherence and thus physique outcomes during the deep stages of the prep
  • Mitigate undesirable physiological and psychological consequences associated with poor contest prep practices
  • Peak for a show(s)
  • Recover from the contest prep
  • Manage the post competition blues
  • Successfully transition into the off season.

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