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London Seminar Replay Bundle

London Seminar Replay Bundle

Within this bundle you will get all London Seminar footages:


High-quality visual and audio footage from all four of the largest evidence-based seminars thrown in London. Pause, make notes, come back and revisit later…you’re going to need to because the amount of information here isn’t something you can whizz through.

Within this bundle you will get:

  • Charly Joung – Diet and Training Psychology for Bodybuilding
  • Steve Hall – Making A Gourmet Physique From Basic Ingredients
  • Pascal Flor – Make Dieting Easy
  • Jared Feather – Physique Sport Needs Analysis and Annual Plan
  • Mike Israetel – How Ultra Technique Focus Can Go Too Far
  • Mike Israetel – Scientific Principles of Hypertrophy
  • Steve Hall – Adiposephobia
  • Jared Feather – how to set up your cutting, massing & maintenance phases
  • Steve Hall & Pascal Flor – coaching self & others (how to optimise)
  • Mike Israetel – long-term planning/periodisation for physique development
  • Mike Israetel – Minimum and Maximum Session Volume
  • Mike Israetel – Hypotheticals for a Maximum Session Volume
  • Gabrielle Fundaro – Diet & Microbiome
  • Gabrielle Fundaro – Exercise & Microbiome
  • James Hoffmann – Recovery Theory and Critical Thinking
  • James Hoffmann – Balancing Physique & Lifestyle
  • Q&A’s

And those points only scrape the surface, you get hours of lectures from Phd’s, Coaches and bodybuilders. This sort of content is usually something you’d pay thousands for in intuition fees, but now you don’t! You get to specifically learn about the topics that matter to you for a margin of the cost.

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