Podcast 022: Q&A with Dr. Mike Israetel – in depth programming discussions


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In todays podcast we talk a lot about programming.


  • accessory work
  • injuries

I think you guys will get a tonne of value once again from this podcast, and do remember if you have a question you’re dying to ask Mike to watch out for my post on facebook collecting questions. Or if you can’t find that, or for some odd reason don’t have facebook feel free to email me at [email protected]

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Questions covered:

  • 00:35 Programming progressive overload for assistance lifts
  • 07:03 Nutritional & Training programming for injuries
  • 24:13 Chronic reliance on powdered milk OK for health?
  • 26:35 Swapping sugar with sweetener , is it a good idea?
  • 36:34 Drop sets vs. Straight sets
  • 42:20 Session muscle group MRV implications

Links mentioned:

Favourite Quote:

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We go over the secrets to our success as online personal trainers, listen here.

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